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Ping Wang

Senior Coach

A venture capitalist, technologist, and mentor. Ping was a member of Stanford University Admission Committees. He headed some renowned incubators in Taiwan and US, specializing in deep techs, including AI, robotics, and neuroscience, etc. Having built successful products and businesses for many great companies and organizations, Ping believes in the power of extraordinary people working together to achieve great goals. He looks forward to meeting those with the same tenacity and shares the same belief.

Ping holds a Stanford BS degree in Computer Science and Biology (dual major) and MS degree in Electrical Engineering. He was also one of very few to be accepted into highly regarded Mayfield Fellows Program, Stanford's most prestigious opportunity to build entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities. Ping also holds a PhD from UC San Diego in Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience..

As a Director of the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator, powered By Techstars, Ping was involved in setting up and running the highly selective and intense 4 month program which helps robotics entrepreneurs build successful startup companies by providing lab and office space, business training, technical resources (including design, manufacturing connections and support), funding, and (most important of all) world-class mentorship.

Ping Wang
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