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Imperial College London | MS

Personal Statement

I am eager to pursue a Master Degree to strengthen my knowledge in Economics and extend it to business field. As an Economics-major student in National Taiwan University (NTU), I have built up a strong foundation in Economics and I realize that the current business market have continuously changed due to globalization and the advent of modern technology. To confront the changing environment, I believe the MS program Economics and Strategy for Business in Imperial College is undoubtedly my top priority to shed light on better business strategies.

My interest toward business was aroused when I was an undergraduate in NTU. While devoting my studies toward understanding the process of public policy making in the macroeconomics class, I was completely intrigued by the global economy which was extremely capricious and intricate. For instance, recently the digital revolution has a significant impact on modern business structure, including the popularity of internet and the transforming consumer behavior. Therefore, I hope to conduct further research on business policies to overcome the technological shocks and apply my Economic background to my future career. I am deeply fascinated by your program design because I firmly believe that I can develop an innovative thinking through your solid course content and practical training such as business simulation and consulting projects undertaken for real clients. Besides, I aspire to work for international banking industry in my future career, so I require an extraordinary global insight and learn the implementation of business strategies considering the latest economic circumstances. This program at Imperial College is an excellent combination of my ambitions.

 In order to procure practical experiences, I attended a Business Administration Camp held by National Chiao-Tung University. During this camp, participants, acting as simulated CEOs in LG Corp., shared their knowledge and opinions within their team and competed with other teams to achieve the company’s target. By means of comparing with the brand’s main competitors and analyzing the products’ advantages and disadvantages, I recognized that a good manager should possess not only the outstanding leading ability but also an in-depth insight into global business practice. Furthermore, I spent my leisure time on numerous extracurricular activities such as volleyball team and the Student Association in my department. In these activities, I served as a receptionist in school’s seminars and built good relationships with sponsors. These experiences significantly enhanced my communicative skill and coordinate ability. For example, I needed to make use of my bargaining, negotiating and reconciling abilities when asking the enterprises for financial assistance. These abilities and precious experiences could not be acquired from the school courses and they truly consummated my college life.

After graduation, I got an intern offer from KPMG accounting firm, working as a tax associate. The days in KPMG were pushy and stressful because the professional knowledge in this field was totally new to me, so I had to spend much time keeping up with the others’ paces. Our team engaged in transfer pricing documentation and compliance services. My duty was to collect a lot of information and digest it to support the reports I wrote. Before doing these projects, I had never known that a country’s taxation had such a great influence on corporate structure and operating strategy. A well-planned international business model regarding the taxations in different countries would immensely benefit an enterprise’s earning and development, and vice versa. However, I found the work in KPMG was limited in some specific fields, so when leaving KPMG I decided to enter a financial institute to see the panorama of the business world. Therefore, I chose Bank of Taiwan, which had an extensive global network in banking industry. Working as a foreign exchange associate for almost two years, I have developed the sensibility on the dynamic international monetary market, contemplating how to form a theory for predicting the exchange rates with the historic data and the global economic situation. In addition, my patience, carefulness and the communicative skill are polished by the everyday conundrums and problems from customers, and these traits also contribute to successfully making good sales on financial products and achieving my manager’s objective.

I was proud of my academic performance that my overall GPA in Bachelor Degree was 3.79, and I got a Presidential Award in my senior year. In addition, I am a hard-working person who devotes genuine passion to obligations and I am confident about my capability of overcoming different challenges. When I was in Bank of Taiwan, I promoted many financial products successfully and won the championship in competitions within our branch for several months. In my best record, the number of products I promoted doubled the figure of the monthly target set by the branch manager. Through this process, I realized that the key to being an outstanding seller is empathy. It is critical important to thoroughly know your customer, simultaneously letting them feel they make a worthy decision so that they will believe in your brand and come for subsequent services. I believe constructing good customer relationships will also assist me in making successful and sustainable business dealings.

If admitted, I believe the MS program of Economics and Strategy for Business will enable me to possess stronger knowledge in business practice. Your program, with your incomparable network comprised of excellent professors and social elites, will cultivate my precise economic insight and provide me more practical training which enable me to adapt to the real working environment. As the first year of this program, I can apply my existing knowledge to conducting projects, interacting with other students with different cultures and opinions. Most importantly, I will bring the unique Imperial view of strategy back to Taiwan to refresh the business trend, which will contribute to building an innovative business society in the future.

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