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Columbia University. Master in Applied Analytics. Personal Statement

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Smack!”. It is 6:30 AM on December 12th 2030; the weather is chill and dreary yet I bound out of bed beaming as I recall a current case, our biggest engagement ever involving redesigning the global marketing strategy and boosting the profit for a leading retail company. The consulting firm that I founded, Revolution Inc. uses data analytics and custom models to provide illustrative visualizations and scalable solutions for clients in a variety of industries and countries. While sipping my morning coffee something makes me ponder my old auditing days at Deloitte, I how I could never have imagined back then were my career would take me...

During my experience at Deloitte I became an expert in analyzing clients’ financial information and soaked up business operations knowledge from different industries. One of my main tasks was to evaluate client risk by preparing graphs for each account to identify unusual trends. In my second year at the firm, Deloitte introduced Power BI to our audit system which significantly accelerated the whole process. After importing unified data into Power BI and clicking on different filters, the platform would produce visualizations which provided deeper insights for us to analyze information. Not only was the work time shortened but the results were much more insightful and precise. This astounding advancement triggered my interest in learning more about how analytics can impact business and ultimately changed my future career vision.

My long-term career goal is to start a consulting firm that uncovers new insights and expands the customer base for the many small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that dominate Taiwan’s economy with the power of data analytics. While working at Deloitte, I witnessed companies with great potential making crucial business decisions based on flimsy rationale, and I realized that with data analytics, they could make more strategic decisions that would allow them to compete with global brands. In order to achieve this goal, my short-term plan is to work in an analytics-focused consulting firm in the US which pioneers the application of analytical methods to boost the potential of the top multinational companies and innovative startups alike.

The Columbia MS in Applied Analytics program can position me to realize this career vision. Analytics courses such as Data Analytics Using SQL and Relational Databases can prepare me to manage massive of data properly and alleviate pressure from handling unstructured data. Gaining expertise in SQL will prepare me to conduct big data analytics and integrate database connectivity with Python to create strong visualizations and analysis. Furthermore, the Data Modeling course will enhance my understanding of the data usage, and by combining my experience in business operations, innovative, insightful data models can be created. Also, the Storytelling with Data will prepare me to interpret and present data to different target audiences that I will be facing in the future. These learnings and much more will greatly enhance my ability to become a business consultant in the United States upon graduation.

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