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Wade Liao

Senior Coach

A Medical Doctor, an entrepreneur, and a social worker. Wade is highly recognized in the medical field with his pioneering AI endoscopy solution. The solution not only wins growing adoptions by many hospitals in Taiwan, but also strong reputation from Japan's National Cancer Center and heavyweight scholars. It also earns Intel sponsorships in Taiwan and Japan.

Since he became a medical doctor 20 years ago, Wade has been pushing ahead with other innovative medical solutions that improves medical check efficiency and raising survival rate for patients. He also founded a tele-medicine platform that helps patients in areas with less-efficient health-care systems get better and timely help from more advanced countries.

Wade cares about those in need and takes part in charitable activities from disaster rescue, to free tutoring and building houses for the poor. He also organized the Taiwan Trek event, which welcomed students from 14 top US/European schools to Taiwan for their first-time around-the-island trip.

Wade Liao
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